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Renal Institute, Kidney Clinic Dr Ali Nayer, Miami FL
Renal Institute, Kidney Clinic Dr Ali Nayer, Miami FL
Renal Institute, Kidney Clinic Dr Ali Nayer, Miami FL
Renal Institute, Kidney Clinic Dr Ali Nayer, Miami FL
Maria Rodriquez, M.D.

"My kidney disease first manifested as foamy urine. My primary care physician ordered a urinalysis and referred me to an experienced nephrologist who ordered a kidney biopsy. The diagnosis was membranous nephropathy. I was treated for two years during which I continued to have leg swelling, protein in the urine, and high blood pressure. Later, I experienced tiredness, lack of appetite, nausea, lower back pain, increased foam in the urine, occasional night sweats, and mild discomfort while urinating. I thought that I had a urinary tract infection and went to see the nephrologist. He ordered a urinalysis and urine culture. The symptoms worsened in spite of antibiotic treatment. Kidney function tests demonstrated that my kidneys were failing. The nephrologist told me I had to be admitted, but it was around the December holidays and he was going on vacation. Therefore, he left me under the care of Dr. Ali Nayer who had a totally different approach.

He was knowledgeable, formulated a differential diagnosis, ordered the necessary tests, and explained to me that a second renal biopsy was required. He was clear when he told me that I had a rapidly progressive glomerulonephritis, which is considered a medical emergency, and he needed to treat me aggressively, but he told me the bad news in a way that I felt safe. The treatment consisted of large doses of steroids, seven sessions of plasma exchange, and four infusions of Rituxan. Dr. Nayer was there to make sure that the plasma exchanges were properly done even on New Year's Eve. Under Dr. Nayer's care, I have continued to improve. Dr. Nayer is an asset to the medical profession and I consider myself very lucky to have had him pulling me thru those difficult times. I wouldn't change Dr. Nayer for any other nephrologist."

Sandra Bendana / Tegucigalpa, Honduras

"In summer 2013 life as I knew it changed abruptly, as I had to be taken from my home and family in Honduras to the University of Miami Hospital Emergency Room. When I arrived at UM hospital it was not easy for the Nephrology team to pinpoint exactly what was wrong and how to make it better as it was an extremely unusual case (Glomerulonephritis and Goodpasture syndrome that were precipitated by an episode of dengue). I was blessed, however, to have Dr. Nayer as the head doctor in my case. Not only is he a renowned nephrologist, but also he was diligent and thorough, and studied every minor detail in my case to understand it perfectly and eventually find a balance in treatment that would make me better.

Under Dr. Nayer's close watch, I was hospitalized for a period of 42 days and had 14 plasmapheresis done. Doctor Nayer was caring, patient, and kind in his routine visits. He made me feel at ease and I had great confidence in him throughout the whole process. It was a difficult time for me and my daughters who were caring for me during my illness. Dr. Nayer, however, made himself available to us when we needed him despite his busy schedule. He was conscious during the process, kept a balance of positiveness and calmness that really helped me find the strength to continue fighting without creating false expectations. Despite the disease having left permanent damage in my kidneys, they are still function on their own and I do believe this is thanks to Dr. Nayer. I still visit Dr. Nayer every 6 months for routine checkups, it is a pleasure to see him and see him smile when I say he is my Angel on Earth. My family and I will be forever grateful to Dr. Ali Nayer."

Claudia Prada Angarita

"I was diagnosed with lupus 10 years ago. I have seen several doctors, but since I met Dr. Nayer, I will not see any other nephrologist. I feel he is genuinely interested in my case, because he takes the time to listen to all my concerns, and explains in a simple way (even with drawings) what happens in my body and how the treatment works. He offers excellent medicine as he considers all the aspects of the patient's live to give advice and prescribe treatment. He knows that the conventional treatment would affect my plans to become a mom, so he designed a different treatment that will let me reach my goal. I appreciate that he values what is important for me. He is very good at follow up. When he receives lab results, he gives immediate advice on changes to treatment via email or text; he doesn't wait for the next appointment. Dr. Nayer is an excellent professional and what I value the most is that he treats me as a human being, taking good care of me, not like other doctors where you feel you are treated as a number or transaction. My experience with Dr. Nayer has been excellent!"

Marlen F.

"Yo soy una paciente del Dtr Ali Nayer, a finals del 2013 casi muero y gracias a el Dtr el encontro un diagnostico para mi enfermedad. Estaba sufriendo de una grave VASCULITIS y estuve a punto de moriren otros Hospitales que antes ingrese no daban con lo que tenia y debido a esa espere agravo mi salud mucho mas. Ya en manos del Dtr se pudo investigar q la Vasculitis habia danado mis rinones y los nervios de mis piernas, debido a eso pase un dolor muy insoportable, tambien estaba con anemia, neumonia, liquido en mi corazon y en mis pulmones, hinchazon en mis estremidades , manos y pies, apenas podia dar algunos pasos.

Gracias al tratamiento que el Dtr me puso que era una quimioterapia en pastillas, incluyendo alta dosis de prednisona, vitaminas, y antibioticos, y pildoras para mi presion, ya que mi sistema estaba en un estado muy critico, poco a poco fui recuperandome, el Doctor Ali Nayer con un gran trato, que me hacia sentir en confianza con todo lo que el me explicaba y lo q debia hacer, segui uno por uno de sus consejos y me recupere satisfactoriamente, segui asistiendo a sus consultas ya que decidi por su gran conocimiento acerca de mi enfermedad q no es muy comun que el fuera mi Doctor. Y asi he hecho hasta hoy que ya soy una mujer sana otra vez, Super satisfecha con el, y si vuelvo a enfermar no dudaria en asistir a su consulta en donde estuviera por que es un gran profesional en su rama, yo viajaba de Fort Myers a Miami a su consulta pero el en consideracion siempre me atendia lo mas rapido que el podia, yo no tengo palabras para agradecerle, que aquel Fin de Ano 2013-2014 pude pasarlo con mis hijos en mi casa. Muchas Gracias Dr Nayer."

Allan Z, Esq.

"I have been a patient of Ali Nayer, M.D. for approximately four years. I had the pleasure of initially meeting Dr. Nayer at University Of Miami/Jackson Medical Center as a result of a referral from another physician in the UM/Jackson network of physicians. Previous to my my first appointment with Dr. Nayer I had never been to a Nephrologist. From the first appointment Dr. Nayer was professional, cordial and completely thorough. Dr. Nayer reviewed all my medical records as concerned my condition, obtained my entire medical history from me and was able to diagnose the basis for my medical issue. As a result of this first appointment and Dr. Nayer's conclusions, he answered all my questions, placed me at ease, advised me how to further proceed and recommended what I needed to do going forward. I have seen Dr. Nayer since then every six (6) months. My subsequent appointments with Dr. Nayer have been as beneficial as the initial appointment. I recommended a close personal friend of mine to Dr. Nayer for appointment, consultation and diagnosis. My friend saw Dr. Nager and stated to me he was as satisfied we Dr. Nayer as I am. I would provide my highest recommendation to Dr. Nayer and would recommend anyone in need of a physician in Dr. Nayer's area of expertise to him."

Paul Herman

"I've been Dr. Nayer's patient for several years and have found him to be an excellent nephrologist. My wife and I were made to feel immediately welcome and comfortable. Despite having a busy practice, I am able to schedule an appointment within a few days of calling and receive a response to my email or phone questions often the same day. I've consulted many doctors in my life, and it's rare I've found one as knowledgeable, accommodating and concerned as Dr. Nayer. My entire experience with him has been nothing but positive, and I would highly recommend him to anyone. I am so very grateful to have found him."

Tiffani L.

"Dr. Nayer, you are a Godsend, a brilliant mind and a caring heart. I am so thankful that I was admitted to the hospital while you were the on-call nephrologist. You have made everything just "easy peasy". I look forward to your continued involvement in my care."

Norman N.

"My Endocrinologist recommended that I visit Dr. Nayer about two years ago for nephrology issues. Since that time I have been a regular patient. From the beginning, I was impressed by Dr. Nayer's caring approach and patience in explaining my laboratory test results and current medication review. He answers all my questions and concerns during each office visit. The referring physician also receives a copy of his notes. Dr. Nayer always greets his patients with a warm and friendly smile and is engaging. His services are comprehensive and the staff is friendly. I highly recommend Dr. Nayer for kidney issues."
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Renal Institute, Kidney Clinic Dr Ali Nayer, Miami FL


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Renal Institute, Kidney Clinic Dr Ali Nayer, Miami FL
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